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24/06/2018 07:40


On January 25 and 26, the volunteers of the “Ecole” Ecological Club by the Volunteer Movement “Doing Good, Ukraine” held an action “Useless Useful Christmas tree”. The main goal was drawing attention of citizens to the problem of throwing away Christmas trees.

The action included a centralized collection and delivery to the processing place of Christmas and pine trees thrown out by the citizens.

To ensure the fulfillment of this task, we asked the chairmen of housing cooperatives to determine the location and time of throwing out useless Christmas trees and inform the residents about it. In addition we requested the cooperation public utilities of the city.

The action was successfully held, and there are already the first results.

There were obtained 50 bags of wood chips as a result of dismantling and processing of the main city Christmas tree. This was transferred to HomeZoo and a zoo in the city of Vasilievka as a warm litter for animals.

We hope that our initiative to process the already useless Christmas tree into something useful will be supported by all conscious, environmentally responsible citizens of the Zaporozhye region.