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17/05/2017 13:49

In April, we got everything ready for Passover celebration.

Our volunteers have prepared a large program of festive events and master classes for different age groups. Besides, they have learned to write scenarios and checklists. A Matzo Bakery was working outside and indoors. Our guests and club members had a task: to get acquainted with the ten biblical plagues. After that they could bake matzos. Our volunteers told the story and performed on stage: the Plagues of Egypt, also called the ten biblical plagues, were ten calamities that, according to the biblical Book of Exodus, Yahweh inflicted upon Egypt to persuade the Pharaoh to release the ill-treated Israelites from slavery. The Pharaoh capitulated after the tenth plague, triggering the Exodus of the Hebrew people. Colorful maps and direction indicators in the Jewish Community Center made it easy to find the way to the following master class.