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01/03/2016 15:21

In month of Shvat, in EOTs “Mazal TOV” the new action of the volunteer movement “Create Good, Ukraine!” took place – the “An unnecessary necessary fir-tree” devoted to the holiday Tu bi-Shvat. The volunteers, and the participants of the programs EOTs “Mazal Tov”, have proved that Tu bi-Shvat is not only new year of trees, fascinating master classes, festive Seder, planting of the new plants, but also an opportunity to present the new life to already unnecessary trees: v=okShZmhN1Ys | This year EOTs “Mazal TOV”, as well as it is accepted around the world, has taken care of the surrounding nature. The communal center became the place where the thrown-out unnecessary trees have turned into the real fertilizers (mulch). The action has united the volunteers, the workers, and the participants of the programs EOTs “Mazal Tov”, and all not indifferent residents of Zaporozhye. Everyone could, become a part of an action, bring already unnecessary tree, and also participate in its processing. Today the action has summed up the results: during the action more than 50 trees have been collected and then they have been processed and crushed. Out of them, there were more than 20 bags of invaluable fertilizer which would bring the huge benefit to already existing, and also to new gardens and parks of Zaporozhye.

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