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24/06/2018 07:27

The “Interaction” project in Zaporozhye. The beginning.

Meeting with the “Interaction” project for experienced volunteers, followed by a festive initiation.

On March 21, experienced volunteers got acquainted with the “Interaction” project and its coordinators. The meeting was attended by more than 10 experienced volunteers. Many of them have already taken care of one ward or more. The record holder was Boris, who has been volunteering for 18 years and now took care of 8 people.

In addition, our psychologist held a training on the topic: “It’s good to be a volunteer!”. There was an interactive task for participants, with which they easily coped. It was necessary to make two teams and write a wish to volunteers and themselves on the paper.

At the end of the meeting, the participants were solemnly brought into volunteers of the “Do Good, Ukraine!” movement.