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25/04/2016 14:13

From April 15 to April 17 within the project “Interaction”of the volunteer movement “Create Good, Ukraine!” there has passed Shabbaton under the slogan “The world of the elderly person. Characterologic features. Stereotypes … Communication. Requirements. Approaches.” 32 volunteers from Zaporizhia, 4 volunteers from Dnipropetrovsk and 4 volunteers from Kryvyi Rih have taken part in Shabbaton. The bright feature of this event, as the participants noted, was that people of different age acted as the volunteers, there was the youth and families and people of advanced age, the youngest volunteer was 18, and the oldest one was 80, it gave the chance to look at the volunteer help for elderly people from the different sides. The trainer Anna Shtrom, possessing enormous experience in the sphere of work with elderly people, involved the volunteers with great desire to help, she explained how they can do it and answered for all fears which the volunteers had before starting the work with elderly people. During her lessons there was everything: laughter, and tears, inspiration, and understanding of the sense of the responsibility for the events. After an intensive training with the trainer Anna Shtrom, the coordinator of the volunteers from Zaporizhia has carried out an “open-space” in groups in which all the participants could express their vision about the further work in this project and write when and how they can help to elderly people. The most considerable result of the shabbaton is that if before the action for the proposal of the coordinator to help elderly people, the considerable part of the participants told “I want very much, but I don’t know, how to help”, “I worry very much that there can be difficult for me situations, “, “I have time, but I don’t think that I can be useful to elderly people”, so, after the shabbaton the volunteers approached the coordinator and told “I know, in what I can help” “Now I understand that I am very necessary to these people” “I know, what I should do”. It is only the beginning of a big work, not less emotional and effective, than shabbaton at start. 

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