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24/06/2018 07:28

The charity event “Bring joy” gathered sweets for children from families who have social difficulties.

On March 4, we summed up the results and gave presents to the children. We collected our boxes that were in JCC Mazal Tov, Charity store Give Good and at the Kozak Palace Exhibition Center. We packed all sweets in eco-packages, which were made by volunteers of the “Ecole” Ecological Club. Finally it was collected 5 kg of sweets, 5 kg of cookies, 7.5 kg of croissants.

On the Purimshpil festival, after the fun and fascinating master classes, the help volunteers gave these presents to the children who were invited to the festival. The volunteers delivered gifts to those children who could not attend the event. 120 children received sweet gifts Mishloah Manot!

We wanted to bring joy to everyone, be helpful, open our hearts to each other – and we did it!