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11/03/2018 15:40

The action was a part of the All-Ukrainian Hanukah Marathon. It started on the 14th of December and continued until the last day of the 2017 year.
The action was aimed to give a miracle to the children who are deprived of family or live in needy families as well as children from orphanages and children with special needs. In our charity shop “Do Good“ we put up a New-Year tree. We decorated it with toys with the names of needy children and their wishes. Everybody who wanted to be a magician, came to the shop, put off a toy, found out a child’s dream and implemented it, putting a gift under the New-Year tree.

Twenty volunteers took part in this action. Every day we delivered the gifts to the children, giving the Miracle of good!

As a result there were 70 children who believed in Miracle! We remember those sincere and happy smiles, those eyes full of hope and wonder!