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24/06/2018 07:31


Volunteers of the “Interaction” visited their wards with the program “Tu B’Shvat in every home”.

This is the program for planting trees from seeds and creating an incubator for plants at home, in which more than 10 volunteers participated.

The volunteers visited 9 homes of their wards. They took all the necessary – pots, soil and seeds and came to visit an elderly man. All together prepared the soil, moistened it, made holes and planted tree seeds – thuja and gleditsia.

One of our wards advised to soak the seeds before planting and the volunteers did it the day before the trip. In spring or autumn, the seedlings grown on the windowsill will be planted in the historical and ethnic park Ethnovillage.

In the course of the action, there was created a video. We have already filmed the planting and we are waiting for the sprouts, and we will finish our movie by planting trees in the soil.

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