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29/10/2018 08:43

10 volunteers of the “Do good, Ukraine!” project got together and had a good time with their Odessa colleagues.

The coordinator of the volunteer movement of the Jewish youth center Hillel introduced the volunteers to programs aimed at the spiritual development of young people in the field of education and culture.

The volunteers met Shabbat in a hospitable Warm house, with songs and warm, kind words. There was also a tour of the Jewish Odessa! Synagogues, schools, monuments of architecture excited and interested everyone.

The volunteers visited the Odessa boarding house for children with disabilities and organized an entertainment program. It included a master class on making ice cream made of cotton and paper, animated dances and board games.

We visited Hesed at a seminar on the rules of behavior and communication culture of volunteers. We learned a lot of interesting and necessary things for further volunteering.

And of course, the volunteers took an active part in the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Jewish Cultural Center “Beit Grand”, and they were really impressed.

We are waiting for Odessa’s colleagues with a return visit!

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