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24/06/2018 07:24

Volunteers of the “Doing Good, Ukraine!” movement took part in the International Project “Week of Good Deeds”.

Every day, starting from April 15 to 22, volunteers organized actions and events.

The project started with the eco-action “Plant Your Tree” – volunteers together with participants of the “Mazal Tov” JCC planted bushes and fruit trees on the territory of Ethnic village – historical and ethnic park.

Another eco-action, called “Khortytsky labyrinth”, was held on the Khortytsya island. The guys cleaned the territory out of garbage, collected broken branches, installed and painted information stands.

Volunteers held a master class on molding dough – “We mold happiness” for members of the “Equal opportunities” club, people with disabilities.

The elderly were not left without attention, too. Volunteers visited the Tauride House of Disabled People and held therapeutic master classes.

Volunteers- lawyers organized an introductory lecture-consultation for the children from the Active Jewish Teens Club. At the interactive meeting they told children about their rights and duties under the motto “Ignorantia non est argumentum”, which in Latin means “Ignorance is no argument”.


Volunteers held an action “Health in Colors” for children who are hospital-treated in the surgical department of the Zaporozhye City Children’s General Hospital No. 5. This is an art therapy program to improve emotional and psychophysical health of children.

For the residents of Kramatorsk and Mariupol cities, volunteers collected two boxes (400 kg) of children’s clothes and toys, men’s, women’s clothes and shoes – all that is necessary for people in a difficult situation.